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Binh Minh Beach

Binh Minh literally means the 'Sunrise '. Binh Minh Beach beach is located in the area of Binh Minh commune, about 12km to the south of Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province. Binh Beach is over 3 km in length and up to 100m in width. The beach boasts fine white sand, clear and blue water, moderate slopes and small waves, which make it ideal for recreational activities like swimming and other sea sports.

This beach was not closest to Hoi An,but this is very beautiful and is well worth a visit to cool off when the heats starts to get to you. The only eyesore are the bizarre changing huts and bungalows. It is an incredibly long beach with loads of room to wander off for a bit of personal space, which is so difficult to find in Vietnam. If you spend a day at the beach and elect to take a deckchair, you will be asked to buy either a baguette, some lovely pineapple or a drink, otherwise you will have to pay for the seat. All these prices are inflated, but the pineapple in particular is delicious.

After visiting the relics in the old town, visitors can go to Binh Minh to enjoy sea food specialities in an ideal environment of immense sky and sunshine, also can stop at some fishing villages near by Binh Minh beach. The Cham island lying on the horizon also comes in view in clear weather

The fine sands of palm-lined
Binh Minh Beach (bai tam Binh Minh) are popular at weekends, but can often be deserted at other times. Safe swimming is usually only possible between March and October, but it's nice to walk or just hang out here. This is a monster beach that continues all the way up to Tam Ky city, an incredible 30km of pristine white sands. Fresh seafood and refreshments are sold at a line of kiosks that lead to the beachfront.


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