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U am Son Vy (Teapot warm keeper) in Phu Tho

Have you ever stopped in a small shops in roadside to sip a cup of tea in freezing winter?

To keep warm for the cup of tea, the seller use a handicraft product of Viet Nam countryside. It is U Am - traditional teapot warm keeper. Someone said that it is the product of nostalgic people. In modern life, there are many electrical appliances but the teapot warm keeper have been used in many Vietnamese families and become a favorite souvenir of foreign tourists.

Son Vy, a small village of Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province is native land of the unique product. The occupation of producing teapot warm keepers has been in Son Vy Village for more than 100 years passing many period of rises and falls. With the artistic and skillful hands, the villagers have created the teapot warm keeper with unique design. Each teapot warm keeper is a familiar utensil of each family around the year. 

Son Vy - teapot warm keeper was awarded silver medal in the National Handicrafts And Fine Arts Products Fair. If the product would have had more decoration and attractive design, economic value of Son Vy teapot warm keepers will be increased and vitality of the traditional craft village will be long lasted.

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