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Saturday, 13 February 2016 16:45

Peaceful Tha Village in Ha Giang

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Quiet, authentic, picturesque – Tha village is well known among tourists for its charm and peaceful beauty. Located just 2km from Ha Giang, Tha village stands out for its stilt houses, green bamboo groves and lush rice fields.

Tha village offers a gentle beauty far from the urban hubbub. The murmur of limpid streams and a flirting wind in the palms welcome you at the village entrance. Then you enter a mysteriously region submerged all year round in a mist, a lush forest floor, where centuries-old values are still present. Here you will come across no trace of modernity, no multi-storey buildings, and no vehicles. Nguyen Van Nhuong lives in the village: "I prefer the wooden houses on stilts to concrete housing. Building a house on stilts costs about 300 million VND but it's worth it because it is very comfortable and airy throughout the year. "

Tha Village in Ha Giang

Here in the village you can take an actual breath of fresh air and enjoy the warm hospitality of the people. The Tay people are very warm and welcoming. If a stranger invites you to drink a cup of tea or offers her prettiest smile, do not be surprised.

Tay people still weave brocade products like bags, scarves, skirts, and pants. For a closer experience of Tay life, spend a night with the locals.

In addition to a taste of their corn alcohol, you will have the chance to savor their many culinary specialties: fish with fermented bamboo shoots, chicken salad, grilled pork with bamboo and wild vegetables. The Tay cook very well. Mai Thi Chung lives in Tha village: “Tourists are impressed by our hospitality and the customs we fiercely preserve over time. We offer our best recipes to tourists. We grill meat on the pan - our best dishes served at Tay parties. These dishes are prepared using lots of special spices, such as cardamom, basil, pepper, and shrimp paste”.

After dinner, tourists can experience Then singing, the intangible heritage all generations of Tay perpetuate. A singer improvises lyrics of his song while playing a kind of guitar called a Tinh other while artists perform graceful dances. Everything is in harmony like a painting of life in paradise.

Source: VOVworld

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