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"Nom bo kho" - The simple dish in Hanoi

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In cold weather, the visitors can enjoy a dish of sweet and sour grated papaya salad. The salad mixed with beef is a simple nosh sold in small alleys and markets in Ha Noi.

Sweet and sour grated papaya salad mixed with beef is sold in many places. However, only in Ho Hoan Kiem street can Ha Noi gourmets enjoy this traditional dish with its real taste.

In the past, there were a few stands selling this dish. Later on, more stands appeared and this dish is now popularly sold.

A portion of sweet and sour grated papaya salad includes thin sliced beef (fried and ground beef), thick beef (grilled beef), spleen, tendon (cow stomach), sauce, sour and sweet vinegar, garlic vinegar and roasted peanuts. The unique feature of this kind of salad lies in the four typical tastes: sour, peppery, salty, sweet and not too fatty.

Source: Nhandan

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