Halong Bay is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, belonging to Ha Long city, Quang Ninh Province, in the Gulf of Tonkin. On the world map, it has borders to China in the North and adjacent to the East Sea in the East . The Bay has a medium size of 1,553 square kilometers. It is…
Mo Waterfall (or Thac Mo), which is located amid the Na Hang Natural Reserve (Na Hang District), is a wonderful eco-tourism destination of Tuyen Quang Province. It welcomes tourists in Vietnam travel, especially those who like adventures. It is convenient to go to the waterfall. One can hear the noise of water pouring far from above. The closer…
Based at the first point of the S-shaped Vietnam, Tra Co beach, one of the most beautiful beaches, is an important stop-over when tourists arrive in Vietnam from the north. Briefings Tra Co beach is located in the Northeastern extreme of the “S-shaped Vietnam”, in Quang Ninh province. It is by the border with China, and around 8…
Sacred to Vietnam’s millions of Buddhists, Yen Tu Mountain in Quang Ninh Province boasts breathtaking scenery along with hundreds of temples, other man-made structures, and religious objects. A Vietnamese saying warns that “Though you practice charity and do good deeds for a hundred years, you will not achieve perfect enlightenment if you have not been to Yen…
Belonged to the well-known Ha Long Bay – a world cultural heritage, Bai Tu Long National Park will bring you amazed feeling and unforgettable experience! Be away some 200 kilometers from Hanoi, Bai Tu Long National Park is one of seven Vietnamese amphibian national parks which have both terrestrial zone and aquatic zone. The eco-tourist site is…
The Quang Ninh People’s Committee and Halong Bay rescue agencies will introduce more safety and injury prevention measures following a spate of accidents on the world heritage bay. Halong Bay is one of the country’s most popular attractions mainly for its overnight excursions on converted cargo junks that offer cruises on the UNESCO World Heritage bay. The…
Ha Long Bay is the jewel in Vietnam’s tourism crown, a stunning geological formation that captivates even the most travel weary and jaded of visitors.  Most people usually take a cruise around the bay. You can choose one or two night trips to enjoy the mesmerising scenery and discover wonderful coves and islets or simply enjoy the…
Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the provincial people's committee and Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Groups on developing the WiFi Internet Access System in Quang Ninh, the cooperation objectives include: Serving the internet access demand for investors, visitors and provincial people in the central areas; broadcasting the information on social economic and cultural development…
Talking to the press this morning, March 30, Mr. Bernard Weber, President of the New7Wonders organization said the world's natural wonder icon will be awarded to Ha Long Bay on April 27 in Ha noi and May 1 in Ha Long bay. The icons will be kept in a solemn place where the people can…
Mr Tinh said, he worked with the general director of the New7Wonders organization this morning in Ha Noi and was informed that Ha Long Bay has officially become a new global wonder. The Chairman of this organization will arrive in Ha Noi to award the symbolic form to recognize Ha Long Bay as a wonder this weekend.…
Halong means Bay of the Descending Dragons. The proud Vietnamese are claiming this place as an eight wonder- such is its beauty. This bay is very calm and there are 3000 islands in all shapes and sizes in the bay. Halong Bay is one of the main tourist attractions in Vietnam. The islands in the…
Mong Cai Town lies by the bank of the beautiful Ka Long river. It harbors the international Bac Luan Border Gate which connects Mong Cai with Guang Xi in China. Mong Cai Border Gate Market is where economic and trade activities and cultural exchanges between Quang Ninh Province and Guang Xi Provinceand Vietnam and China take place.…
Lying on Luoi Hai Mountain, about 80 km from Hanoi, Choi Waterfall is the diamond of Cu Dong Commune, Thanh Son District, Phu Tho Province. From the center of Cu Dong Commune, the route to the waterfall is not a smooth ride in the slightest but it is worth the trek as you take in some…
Temple of Kings Hung was built on Nghia Linh Mountain, 175 meters by sea level, Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province. Ha Temple:   225 brick steps lie between Dai Mon Gate and Ha Temple, which was built in the 15th century. According to the legend, in this place, Au Co gave birth to a pouch containing…


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