Topography and hydrology Tram Chim National Park is located 19 km to the east of the Mekong River, at an elevation of about 1m. The topography of the national park is flat, slopes slightly to the East. In the past, several natural streams and rivers flowed from west to east, distributing water from the Mekong…
It takes one and a half hours by motorbike from Ca Mau city to travel about 50km to Hon Da Bac linked to the mainland by a bridge. Tourists with Vietnam travel guide can also reach the island by canoe or ferry.  Seen from far, Hon Da Bac (Silver Stone Island) looks like a natural rock-garden among the immense…
Hon Khoai, the biggest of a group of islets, is a rocky island including hills and forests which have different kinds of precious wood like the “Star” wood. It attracts lots of tourists in Vietnam travel coming there to admire its natural landscapes. The local people get used to call it Hon Khoai because it looks like the shape of a…
Drived 4 km from Ca Mau, center towards Ly Van Lam Street is 19/5-bird yard. Being springtime, framework of bird yard more and more lyric, poetic. Each year, just on the occasion of Tet, birds gather here again as made a date long time ago. Ca Mau, city in southern Vietnam is the capital of Ca Mau…
Mau Son Mountain is located in Loc Binh District, about 30km from Lang Son City to Mau Son Rerort.To the north is Ninh Minh, China, to the east is Na Duong and to the west is Dong Dang, all merging beautifully into one spectacular landscape. The winding narrow mountain path, like a snake, lies tucked between 2…
Lang Son is only 154km from Hanoi, and it takes another 14km to reach Dong Dang. This area is well-known for several beauty spots such as Tam Thanh grotto, Nhi Thanh grotto, Ky Lua Street, Ky Cung River, Vong Phu stone statue, etc., which have been attracting a large number of visitors in Vietnam travel. Among these,…
Nhi Thanh Grotto is situated in Nhi Thanh Street, approximately 1km from the Lang Son City, Lang Son province. It is home to the Pagoda of Triple Regions (Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism). The grotto was closely related to the celebrity Ngo Thi Si when he was the chief of province between 1777 and 1780. He gave,…
Indeed, to attract more and more foreign customers, Smile Travel Vietnam is launching a lot of special promotion programs. Especially, it organizes many tours with at most 50% off. It is sure that tourists will have unforgettable experiences when traveling to Can Tho. Can Tho has a reputation for being a welcoming place, where everybody is smiling and…
To Thi Mountain or Vong Phu Mountain means "waiting for her husband". From ancient times, this human-shaped stone has been associated with the fairy Mrs To Thi hold the baby to waite for husband return from battle field, but never saw him back, and finally she was turned into a rock. So that people called…
Ky Cung is still small temple with tiled roof. At the front of temple is a stone wharf Ky Cung( Ky Cung stone way), which was considered as one of 8 Lang Son places of interesting in 18 century by Ngo Thi Si. The architecture of the temple is the shape of the letter dinh (shape). This…
The Chi Lang Border is located in Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province, and 110km from Hanoi and 60km from the Sino-Vietnamese border. It consists of a valley surrounded by high mountains and through which runs the Thuong River. The mountains were opened in two locations to form two gates. The northern gate was named Quy Mon…
During this time, the scenery is magnificent with mountaintops hiding in the cloud and wild peach flowers blooming everywhere. Moreover, the weather during the Tet holidays is very comfortable with little rain and cool air, so that tourists in Vietnam tours do not have to carry raincoats or umbrellas with them. There are also a lot of…
Ky Lua Market in Lang Son is where occurs the exchange of goods between regions in the country with cultural activities being characterized the national identity of Lang Son province. The market monthly occurs 6 sessions dating on 2nd, 7th of lunar calendar, and it consists of goods from almost all provinces. People usually not only go to market for…
Cai Mon is located on the bank of the Tien River in Tien Thuy village, Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach District and Ben Tre Province. Cai Mon orchard is considered the cradle of fruit trees in South Vietnam, its small and narrow paths are covered with green trees bearing heavy sweety fruits. Tourists in Vietnam tourism coming there…


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