A 9 km drive from the south of Danang city center on the famous beachfront boulevard Truong Sa, tourists in Vietnam travel can find one of the most popular attractions of the region, the Marble mountains. It is a cluster of five marble and limestone mountains, named after the five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy: metal, wood, water,…
Flower Spring, the name associated with the majestic Truong Son Dong moutain.This is one of the attractive destinations in Vietnam that nature endowed with adequate human elements to create eco-tourism such as rivers, streams, mountains, forests, waterfalls, lakes, … with the animal population is very diverse and rich. Highlights of  Flower Spring is the flower forest covered…
In the rainy reason, the rivers, streams in the southern valley of Tam Dao mountains and also Vuc Tuyen River, Ton river, Ba Ha River, Dong Cau River, Dong Chao River…all push the water into Dai Lai Lake. This makes the water level able to increase to 21 meters. Despite of being large, the lake…
Coming to Quy Nhon, visiting Eo Gio to hear the wind whispering through mountain walls, caves and then harmonize with waves crashing onto the shore is a must. You can also admire rock cliffs shaped like they are trying to hold the ocean and to view a rookery of albatrosses hovering in the sky.  Eo…
Bau Da wine is a famous specialty of Bau Da village in the central province of Binh Dinh.The name of Bau Da originated from Cu Lam village’s Bau Da in An Nhon district’s Nhon Loc commune, 22km from Quy Nhon city.This wine is entirely made by hand.It is said that Bau Da wine makes drinkers…
The central province of Binh Dinh entices nature lovers with its diversity of coastline, mountains, rivers, swamps, lakes, islands, fields, countryside villages and traditional festivals. The province is nationally known for producing talented martial artists and as the birthplace of national hero Quang Trung Nguyen Hue. "Egg Stone" in Ghenh Rang Beach Thi Nai Lagoon…
Location: Duong Long Cham Tower is located at Go Dang, Binh Hoa Commune, Tay Son District, Binh Dinh Province. Characteristics: This towner is a group of 3 biggest towers. It was built in the 12th century with very beautiful architecture. Duong Long Cham Tower, also called Thap Nga meaning "ivory tower," is located 40km from…
Location Located at 27km north-west of Qui Nhon City in Nhon Hau Commune, An Nhon District, Binh Dinh Province. Characteristics: The citadel was built at the end of the 10th century, during the reign of Emperor Yangpuku Vijaaya. This was the last capital of the Champa Kingdom where the Cham Kings lived between the 11th…
Rain often falls in the section between 700m and 1200m above sea level, but around the hill station itself, the sky is usually clear, the view is truly spectacular, and the air is fresh and cool. Mountain tracks lead to a variety of waterfalls and viewpoints. Founded in 1919, of the 200-odd villas that originally…
Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountain) is familiar to almost everyone who has been to Da Nang. It is so well known that many people consider it as the symbol of the area, one of the highlights on Central Vietnam’s tourist trail. An interesting journey to Ngu Hanh Son will bring out most relaxing time for…
It is 693m high above sea level; Son Tra Peninsula is 10km from the center of Da Nang City to the North-east. Son Tra Mountain can be seen from every place of the city. Son Tra looks like a mushroom of which cap is Son Tra Mountain and stalk is a beautiful sandy beach that affords an…
With the length of a 30-kilometer coastline, Danang is famous for many beautiful beaches stretching from the north to the south and My Khe Beach is no exception. It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches and also an attractive resort of Danang city. Annually, the beach attracts a number of tourists in…
Danang has a coastline of 30 kilometres long, famous for many beautiful seashores stretching from the north to the south such as My Khe, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Son Tra and so on. Non Nuoc Beach also pertains to Da Nang Sea and has been voted as one of the most beautiful and attracting beaches…
Location: Located in Co Le Townlet, Truc Ninh District, Nam Dinh Province. Characteristics: It is said that Co Le Pagoda was built by Buddhist Monk Nguyen Minh Khong during the Ly dynasty. From Nam Dinh, cross the hanging bridge over the Dao River, then take Highway 21 for 15km to Co Le. Finally, cross the…


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