The sparkling beauty of Trinh Nu Waterfall

Trinh Nu also called as Dray Nur waterfall is located in Dray Sap commune, Krong Ana district, Dak Lak province. Its name means “female waterfall”. So, it has also another informal name which is Vo waterfall (Wife waterfall). The waterfall has another part of lower Dray Nur, which is located in Dak Nong province.

According to the legend there is a sad story about a virgin girl who had toughness in her love and she came here for the suicide. Trinh Nu is right next to Dray Sap waterfall in Dak Nong province. There is only one String Bridge to come to Dray Sap. Here, those are the two beautiful and grandiose waterfalls.

Especially, behind the water screen of this waterfall, there is a big grotto. People could go inside the screen without getting wet.

In the rainy season, when water strongly flows on the river, from far tourists in Vietnam travel can hear the sound of water slapping to the rock, resounding all over the forest. This attracts visitors to come to the spring coast to contemplate the majestic, natural landscape of the waterfall.

In the waterfall, there are hundreds of stones with various shapes, locating all over the spring. Of those which, many white stones which are pockmarked like corals, and colorful stones lying alternatively which are brilliant like marbles in the fish lake. Moreover, the flow is also special because it doesn’t flood from the high but still makes up far-resounding sound like flowing from the several-meter height, spreading white foam.  

If you don't want to go on, you can stop in cute thatched tents, seeing the immense rock field in the upstream or  the large green forest in the downstream and enjoying the good-smelling grilled meat, hot tube wine under the light sunshine, dry wind of this area.

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