Elephant Waterfall- A Rare Landscape Waiting for Natural Lovers' Discovery

Elephant (Voi) Waterfall is located about 25 kilometers southwest of Da Lat City of Lam Dong Province in Nam Ban Townlet, Lam Ha District. This waterfall, also called Lieng Rowoa Waterfall, is considered as the most beautiful and majestic waterfall in the highlands province of Lam Dong. It is more than 30m high, about 15m wide with the water flows make an area be obscured by the very white spray.

It is unfortunate that if you visit Da Lat - Lam Dong you do not visit the secret and dreaming of Lieng Rowoa Waterfall (Voi Waterfall). The waterfall appears as many elephants are swimming together.

According to local legend, the name of the waterfall is derived from a folk story about a beautiful girl, the daughter of the head of a tribe in Joi Bieng mountain region, who had an excellent voice, when she sang the foliate seem to stop rustling, the bird stop singing to listen to her. She had promised of becoming spouse with a handsome, brave and strong young man, the son of the head of a tribe in the neighbour region. But one day, the young man must say good bye to his lover to be fighting at the front. She waited for long time but the young man did not come back. She went to the place where they made the promise before and began singing with ardent and mournful voice. The B'ling birds had been moved by her voice. They flied far away to seek out information and then flied back to inform her that the young man had died in the battle. However, the girl did not accept this bitter truth and she sang to call her lover until she get exhausted and falling down. The flock of elephants that had lied prostrate to listen to her turned into stone. The waterfall named Lieng Rowoa Joi Bieng, means the waterfall of elephants that lied prostrate turned into stone before the ardent and faithful love.

Elephant Waterfall- A Rare Landscape Waiting for Natural Lovers' Discovery

The waterfall which associated with this faithful, woeful and majestic love has been recognized as a national landscape. The transparent water flowing through granite mountain sides looks really spectacular, especially when the waterfall is illuminated by the brilliant sunlight, seven-coloured rainbow will appear.

Next to the waterfall is Gio (wind) Cave. The road to enter the cave is narrow between two cliffs, but inside the cave there are many wide spaces and full of wind. Voi Waterfall looks like a lively picture which has been carved by nature with the particularly interesting caves hide after craggy cliffs and many rocks now appear, now disappear look like as many elephants are jostling to bath. At the foot of the waterfall stream there are many large, flat and smooth stones like the nature set up to offer tourists sit to chat.

Voi Waterfall is waiting to be discovered by the natural lovers. The waterfall is still keeping the original's features. Some guest houses, tourist clubs, some poetic bridges are looming in the deep eyesight. Every year, the Voi Waterfall welcomes thousands of visitors in Vietnam travel. If you are the people who like wild, quiet, go to this place to contemplate the hills and mountains, pine forests and rocky waterfalls.


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