A natural rock-garden among the immense sea

It takes one and a half hours by motorbike from Ca Mau city to travel about 50km to Hon Da Bac linked to the mainland by a bridge. Tourists with Vietnam travel guide can also reach the island by canoe or ferry. 

Seen from far, Hon Da Bac (Silver Stone Island) looks like a natural rock-garden among the immense sea. The island is divided into 4 peaks including 2 high peaks, 2 low peaks extending to the sea. Surrounded by many large granite rocks linking together which are covered by bushy branches of trees. Some rocks have weird shapes that people have named. San Tien (Fairy Yard) is a high hill with a yard whose area is about 50m2. The legend has it that in the old days, there were many fairies coming here to have a bath. In addition, there are the large and smooth rocks called Gieng Tien (Fairy Well), Ban Chan Tien (Fairy Foot) and Ban Tay Da (Stone Hand). 

Most of trees in the island are mangos, bananas, guavas, and miscellaneous trees. Surroundinged by a lot of large rocks and small rocks creating a dreamlike and grandiose landscape. Climbing the cliffs and slipping away into the groves, many secrets of nature are worth discovering. Hon Da Bac is also home to several tourist attractions such as Hung Hue Pagoda, Ca Ong Temple. 

Moreover, during the resistance war against American imperialist, Hon Da Bac was selected as the garrison of American troops to control revolution base of Khanh Binh Tay and coastal region in the west of Ca Mau. Khanh Binh Tay troops and people attacked and defeated this garrison. This island was also location of CM12 campaign to defeat the plot of Le Quoc Tuy and Mai Van Hanh intending to overthrow the socialist regime. 

From September on, when the sea is the most beautiful with blue water and quiet waves, the tourists for Vietnam travel guide can stroll or join the locals in catching squid or diving to find oysters in their underwater caves. Sea oyster is unsmooth and thorny, living by staying close to rocks at the foot of the island in the depth of from 1m to 3m. In order to catch the oysters, the tourists must swim underwater in the sea, use hand-hammers to catch each one. The sea oysters are present at a lot of places, however according to a lot of gourmets, only the oysters in Hon Da Bac are most delicious and nourishing. 

Hon Da Bac is an attractive destination for the tourists in Vietnam travel who want to return to the nature. You can sit on a granite rocks and enjoy the sunset or admire the moonlight while the waves lap the beach will not be forgotten 

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