During the time from November to February is the cold season in Bac Kan with the temperature is often below 0 degree C, therefore the scenery looks very gray and unattractive. The hot and wet season runs from April to October with almost all rainy days, so tourists in Vietnam tours won’t have chance to visit outdoor…
Ba be lake is an ideal destination which has lots of beautiful natural sceneries, delicious foods of ethnic groups. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam Ba be lake is really place can’t miss. Come to Ba Be lake, beside Dau Dang waterfall, Tien pond, Ba Goa islet… there are very many other tourism…
Fairy Grotto is a beautiful natural spot locating at the Phja Trang mountain range be- longing to Luong Ha commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan Province. The grotto is 5 km far from Yen Lac town. Fairy Grotto has appeared naturally for a long time. Legend says that once upon a time there were 7 fairies…
Tham Temple is 600 meters northwest of Cho Moi town. The temple bases on the foot of Quan Thung Mountain. The temple worships a woman general named Tham, who tremendously contributed to the war against Co Den enemy in the second half of the 19th century? The temple complex consists of main temple, Co Tham…
Ao Tien is a small pond with the total width of about 3 hectares. The pond locates at the middle of Limestone Mountain and it is surrounded by green trees. Water of the pond is always clear. Sitting on the bank of the pond, tourists in Vietnam travel can see fishes and shrimps swimming. On brushwood, monkeys…
Thach Long Pagoda (or Stone Dragon) locates inside a large stone grotto of Thach Long Mountain lying parallel with High Way 3. Driving from Bac Kan city to Thai Nguyen for 19-20 kilometers, tourists in Vietnam travel will see the gate of Thach Long Pagoda on the right. No one can know when the pagoda began worshipping Buddha, Saint…
Ba Be National Park is located 250 km away from Hanoi and 70 km away from Bac Kan's center. It belongs to Ba Be district in Bac Kan province. Covering an area of 23,240 ha, the national park is home to 417 types of flora and 299 types of fauna. There are a plenty of precious and endangered species…
Puong Cave (Động Puông) - a large cave with 30m high, 300m long, is an interesting place in Ba Be National Park that tourists in Vietnam travel should visit. Puong Cave located on the Nang River, 5km from the town of Ba Be District, Bac Kan province, was created by the rivers current as it flowed next to the base…
Situated in Bac Kan province, Pac Ngoi Village has more than 40 traditional stilt houses locating on the slope of mountains which surround Ba Be Lake, emphasizing the beauty of this famous eco-tourism destination. Surprisingly, while the traditional stilt houses have almost been eradicated in many other provinces, the antique, unique and original houses of ethnic groups…
ATK is located in Bang Lung Townlet, Cho Don District, Bac Kan Province. It consists of a complex of underground tunnels and rooms emboldened by a missile defense system in Cho Don. This unique and invincible complex was one of the most important venues of the Vietnam Army from 1946 to 1954, where President Ho Chi…
It really is a babe: a beautiful region that covers more than 7000 hectares and boasts mountains high, rivers deep, waterfalls, plunging valleys, lakes and caves set amid towering peaks. The surrounding area is home to members of the Tay minority, who live in stilt homes. The park is a tropical-rainforest area with over 550…
After departing from the capital city, the passenger car took me to Bac Kan Town on Road 3. Viewing the passing hamlets in the car, I was sunk in divergent legends of Ba Be Lake. One legend says that this area used to be a very large valley sheltering the Nam Mau Village. Each year,…
Lying in the middle of a vast limestone mountain range of Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, 240km from the north-west of Hanoi.Ba Be Lake is dubbed a "precious jade of Vietnam” and one of 500 lakes recognised as worthy of attention. Ba Be itself is actually three smaller lakes joined together including Pe Lam, Pe…


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