Mother Au Co Temple - Phu Tho

The Temple of Au Co Mother was established in Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province, where possesses heaps of mountains, a large reservoir and a range of flat plain along the river.

According to the legend, Vietnamese people are descendants of  Father Lac Long Quan and  Mother Au Co. After a 3-year-and-10-month pregnancy, Mother Au Co gave birth to 100 eggs which hatched out 100 sons. Father Lac Long Quan took 50 sons to the sea. And Mother Au Co, after leaving her first son on the Nghia Linh Mountain, took other 49 sons to Hien Luong commune for living. She and her sons broke fresh ground and founded villages.

One day, Mother Au Co flied to the sky and left a pink blouse at the foot of a banyan tree. Hien Luong’s peoples built a temple at the foot of the tree to memorize the mother’s merit called the Temple of Mother Au Co. On the left side of the temple is locating Loan well and on the right side is Phuong well. Opposite the temple is lovely Giac Mountain and behind is winding Hong River. Luxuriant trees are growing surrounding the temple. The Mother Au Co Temple consists of 5 large sacrifice rooms and 3 harem rooms. Inside the temples has a system of ancient relics of high arts like Au Co Statue, Duc Ong Statue, etc., which are embossed carefully. Au Co Statue is 85 centimeters high and put in a 3-side glass cage, which is put on an altar located at the height of 2.2 meters in the last room of the temple.

Today, the Mother Au Co Temple is a favorite place of tourists in Vietnam travel and an important worshiping relic amongst historical relics in the land of Kings HungPhu Tho province. Annually, the temple receives the visits of a large number of pilgrims.

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