Mong Cai - the eastern pole of Vietnam

Mong Cai Town lies by the bank of the beautiful Ka Long river. It harbors the international Bac Luan Border Gate which connects Mong Cai with Guang Xi in China. Mong Cai Border Gate Market is where economic and trade activities and cultural exchanges between Quang Ninh Province and Guang Xi Provinceand Vietnam and China take place. It is also the bridge spanning tourist centres of Vietnam and China.


By road:

Mong Cai is 135 km from Halong, 360km from Hanoi. There are regular buses to/from Hanoi, many buses connect Mong Cai to Hon Gai every day. There are also regular buses from Mong Cai to many provinces such as Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, etc. Tourists can transfer to Mong Cai by buses and by hydrofoils.

From Bac Luan International Border Gate (Mong Cai), go along the road No. 4B through Hai Ha, Dam Ha, and Tien Yen; then continue to road No. 18A through Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Halong.

By boat:


There are daily high-speed hydrofoils which depart from Dan Tien pier and Mui Ngoc (Mong Cai) to Bai Chay and Hon Gai pier. Besides, you can also travel by ship which departs from Dan Tien pier to Hon Gai pier.

Mong Cai is not only favored with many beauty spots and historical relics, but also rich in culture. It is included in the eco-tourism complex of Halong – Cat ba – Tra Co. 

Tra Co area 

Tra Co is a well-known beach, which have recently attracted a large number of tourists. . It has a cool and fresh climate and a tranquil and spacious atmosphere. Thousands of tourists in Vietnam travel come to Tra Co every year to bath. Not far from the beach are located 3-4 metres high sand dunes, peaceful fishermen’ villages, verdant pine trees, and a rich mangrove ecosystem.  

The famous cultural historical sites are mainly located in Tra Co area such as Tra Co communal house, Tra Co church, Linh Khanh pagoda, Xuan Lan pagoda. Tra Co beach with 17 km long is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Tra Co Communal House Festival takes place from the 30th of the fifth lunar month to the 6th of the sixth lunar month attracting a crowd of pilgrims from home and abroad.

Mong Cai Border Market

The market is comprised of three zones; all situated in Hoa Lac Ward, 1 km from the Bac Luan border crossing. There are thousands of households here, almost all of which are bilingual in Chinese and Vietnamese.

Goods traded in the market and exchanged across the border are varied. Chinese goods imported into Vietnam include: speciality fabrics, ready-made dresses, mosquito nets, shoes, sandals, electronics, toys, candies and fruit. Vietnamese goods exported to China are mainly seafood products and agricultural foodstuffs such as tea, coffee and sesame.Also in the market are traditional northern medicinal ingredient stalls, with Chinese physicians feeling your pulse and writing out prescriptions for the correct medicine.

The Mong Cai Border Market has developed not only into a trade centre for the exchange of goods, but also a place for cultural meetings and exchange between China and Vietnam. Mong Cai is a place of direct trade and economic and cultural exchange between the provinces of Quang Ninh and  Guang Xi.

After shopping, tourists can enjoy Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. Many famous Chinese restaurants offer dishes and wines from famous Mao Dai wine to normal wines, Chinese specialities: Beijing roasted duck, cay te soya cheese.

With great tourism potential and rich cultural value, Mong Cai is an ideal place for relaxation, shopping and cultural experiences in Vietnam travel.

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