Don’t Forget to Reach Na Hang Eco-tourism Site - Tuyen Quang in Vietnam Tourism

Na Hang is an attractive eco-tourism site in Tuyen Quang for tourists in Vietnam travel. Not only is Na Hang the uniqueness of the natural conditions where there are few, but rich by the unique culture of nearly 66,000 people from 15 nations, which are mainly ethnic Tay, Dao , Mong, Kinh, etc.

They live for many generations. Hoang Van Thinh, chairman of Na Hang district, said as vay.Nam upland northern Tuyen Quang province, the waves arc, with more than 83% of natural forests, Na Hang always best book strange attraction of a diverse ecological zones.

A unique cultural treasure

Na Hang has ninety-nine mountains with pristine forests and streams. The river, the beautiful waterfall that is your nature has generously endowed. Underground river, River Energy, peaks Khuoi Tong, Loong Noong, manifests, Pia, Pac Ta … had come into poetry, into music, in association with the legendary stories deep humanity. Special conservation areas gecko – The Bung has almost 42 km2, holding palm of the five communes of Kunlun, Khau Tinh, Son Phu, Vinh Yen, Thanh Tuong, with thousands of lo Who plants, rare animals. Especially upturned nose monkeys species recorded in the world red. The village where the folds of the wooden floors, thatched roofs of palm leaves, the Long Tong Festival, celebrate the new rice ceremony for identity … maintained. In the spring of space filled with the color of the brocade and praise cats English, the language now.

There are many scientists arriving in Na Hang study of animal and plant exclaimed: Na Hang a beautiful princess was hidden. Need to make people know and put together to contemplate. Mr. Thinh said: “We think of the need to build this country into an eco-tourism. Recently renovate, upgrade, protect natural resources, environment and landscape areas, have created a source of income from non-smoke industry. ” This idea has led Na Hang fully agree. “Project planning and development of ecological tourism Na Hang” decade of this century was born. Accordingly, in 2010 the town of Na Hang will be developed into industrial towns linked with eco-tourism route: Pac Ban Falls (Quang rate), the nature Tat Ke; The Bung – Da Vi – Lake Ba Swimming (Bac).

Don’t Forget to Reach Na Hang Eco-tourism Site - Tuyen Quang in Vietnam Tourism

The prospect of linking tourism

Tuyen Quang town from the motorways, then continue walking to Na Hang is 4 km to the resort Pac. Visitors can bathe yourself in the cascade of silver, dreamily listening to stories of the area the name “Quang Speed” (deer fall). Or maybe to visit the forest and nature conservation, firsthand look at the strange bird, as pheasant, ocellata, Phoenix. Or maybe go fishing boats and participate in camping, water skiing. Then relax in the house has a unique mini floor just folk. Now you can enjoy separate dishes of the jungle: do put salt sesame rice, bamboo forests dotted fresh, bitter vegetable, especially wine made of fermented corn is the forest, more and more intoxicated drinking hearts; or taste the specialties of fish floating English: green beams, you dance. You can visit the cultural village of the ethnic Tay, Dao, Mong, looking at her, she rolled the cotton, spinning, weaving.

At night, the fire floor, you will hear traditional folk songs like singing then singing eel, sli. The young woman’s voice is smooth, earnest questions romantic love singing, whether to leave deposits of Na Hang still unforgettable. When on, in your bag is probably a few liters of forest honey, corn liquor election Na Hang, shan tea or souvenirs made of rattan wicker and bamboo …

He said the provincial presidents, from inception resort Pac Ban, despite not invest, but the amount of visitors is relatively large and increasing markedly. Soon as the route to avoid flooding the building, upgrading and linking tourism with tourist Na Hang Ba Be Lake (Bac) and the works of the resort is built complete include: motels, amusement parks, water skiing, camping, parks and cultural activities, entertainment, cultural villages, the primary path … the outline the development of ecological tourism Na Hang become a reality. Sure to bring revenue of Na Hang, though. At the same time will create jobs to attract a large amount of labor for tourism services. If investment is concentrated focal point, with attractive living model, Na Hang certainly would be an ideal tourist destination of this highly non domain. Not far away, Na Hang hydropower projects completed, there will be conditions for more efficient exploitation of tourism potential, contributing promote economic development – social, improving the lives of the tribesmen here.

Don’t Forget to Reach Na Hang Eco-tourism Site - Tuyen Quang in Vietnam Tourism

If possible, tourists joining tours in Vietnam should once visit Na Hang eco-tourism  site when taking the tour to the Northeastern province of Vietnam - Tuyen Quang.


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