Vietnam has been joining WTO, and it opens a lot of opportunities to foreign companies who want to do business with Vietnam. With the Vietnamese economy opening up, more and more foreign companies want to invest in Vietnam.  However in order to avoid cultural disasters which could make the wrong move in doing business with Vietnam, here are some tips…
 One of the world’s largest carrier, Delta Airlines, on Monday announced the inauguration of its new daily nonstop service between Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo. The new flight offers passengers easy connections to and from 10 US gateways, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Honolulu.  The airline will also add flights from Tokyo to Salt Lake…
Thua Thien-Hue leads other provinces and cities in attracting tourists, said the Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Phan Tien Dung. The figure will be announced in December by tourism experts and managers based on criteria set by the Institute of Tourism Development Research. By the end of November, 2010. Thua Thien-Hue had received nearly 1.4 million visitors,…
Water puppetry is a mainstay of the performing arts in Viet Nam. In villages, it is often performed on the pond that is located close to the communal house and attracts thousands of spectators from near and far. As the lunar year draws to an end, members of the Thanh Hai Puppetry Troupe in Thanh Ha District in the northern province…
 To meet people's entertainment needs during the Lunar New Year (Tet), Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) government and related departments are preparing a range of cultural activities to welcome the Year of the Cat. This year, under leadership of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, the Saigontourist Travel Services Company in conjunction with local departments will organize a range…
 Today this art has become famous around the world for its simple poetic themes and vibrant colors.  In Vietnam, painting on silk is popular.  Vietnamese artists found these technique to be a unique way to create mystique  and a charming sense of mystique in their paintings.   The Vietnamese style of silk painting emphasizes softness, elegance and has a flexibility of…
Being listed in the National Trade Promotion Program in 2010, the International Trade Fair of the Central and Highland Key Economic Zone 2010 will be held within the framework of Hue Festival 2010. Over 400 stalls at the fair will contribute to trade promotion, exchange, collaboration and marketing products among domestic and international businesses. This…
Children, with their innocent minds. Children, with their innocent minds and spontaneous imagination, can always create their own cute and astonishing world. With only a few discarded carton boxes, some paints and self-made tools, a group of children can make for themselves such an interesting  and charming playground that surprises any adult and provokes the desire how…
Hue’s Nha Nhac (Royal Music), Ca tru and Quan Ho - the three UNESCO intangible heritage values will be showcas. Hue’s Nha Nhac (Royal Music), Ca tru and Quan Ho - the three UNESCO intangible heritage values will be showcased together with other traditional artforms like “Cheo”, poem recitation, folk songs in a very special performance…
On this occasion, the whale temple, as well as all the houses and boats, are beautifully decorated. The peace offering is conducted in the first evening at the whale temple by village elders. Offerings, which do not contain seafoods, are given while the oration is read out. The Whale Festival has been, for centuries, the…
 This large festival is held on the 9th day of the 4th month of the lunar calendar. The date commemorates Saint Giong who defeated the An invaders. In order to show their gratitude to the hero of Giong Village who sacrificed his life to fight invaders, the people proclaimed him Saint Giong.  The Giong  Festival…
To get to Kiep Bac Temple from Hanoi City, take the National Highway that leads to the township of Bac Ninh (about 30 km). Then, go along National Highway No.18 that stretches from Bac Ninh to Pha Lai, and which eventually leads to Kiep Bac Temple. The Kiep Bac Temple Festival lasts from the 15th…
From time immemorial, boat racing has appeared in Vietnam. It is not only a competition but also a ritual in honour of the Water God, stemming from the act of praying for water among agricluture-based people. In some places there are only two boats in competition (in Ðào Xá, Phú Tho), a male boat with the…
 The game of vieing for ball is a ritual in some festivals or a custom in others. Its names and rules can be different from locality to locality. It is an activity wishing for bumper crops of the peasants. A round wooden ball, sometimes a coconut or grapefruit must undergo the ritual of presenting to…
 Both boys and girls play the game of keo cua lua xe. Two children sit opposite each other, holding each other’s hands tightly. While reciting a song, they push and pull each other’s arms and pretend as if they are sawing a piece of wood between them.  They say each word as they push or…


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