Hanoi Local authorities in the Mekong Delta provinces of Bac Lieu, Ca Mau and An Giang have visited and presented gifts to Khmer people to congratulate them on the traditional Sene Dolta Festival. The Dolta festival or the ancestors worship is one of three great festivals of Khmers. It is organized during three days, from…
The festival organizers plan to use this occasion to gather people’s opinions on various national costumes, flowers and wines of Vietnam. The ‘People's Choice’ result will be announced on January 29. The festival will have special displays of Vietnamese and royal costumes from the Ly-Tran-Le dynasty, famous brands of delicious traditional and industrial wines and…
Sea Festival 2011, themed: “Nha Trang - the sea rendezvous” will take place from June 11 to 15 in Central Coastal city of Nha Trang, in KhanhHoaProvince with nearly 50 cultural, art and sporting activities. Together with the participation of local people and artists, the festival will attract artists from France, the Republic of Korea…
The international sailing festival wrapped up on Sunday night at the five-star Sea Links Beach Hotel in Phan T hiet City. The festival, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Binh Thuan Province from March 17 to 20, welcomed international teams from Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan to sail on Mui Ne beach,…
This year's HCM City Tourism Day 2011 will highlight special aspects of five popular destinations – HCMCity, Da Lat, Binh Thuan, Phu Quoc and Hai Phong, organisers of the annual event said on March 22. La Quoc Khanh, deputy director of the city's Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said at a press briefing that…
Ky Yen Festival at Phu Nhuan communal house, is held from the 16th to the 18th day of the first lunar month, has many special and interesting ceremonies attracting many local residents, tourists in Vietnam as well as foreign ones who travel to Vietnam to come here each year. Phu Nhuan communal house is located…
As July is right around the corner, many Vietnamese families across the country are starting to make preparations for the Vu Lan festival. It is also known as Wandering Soul’s Day, Ghost Holiday, and Mother’s Day. With foreign travelers who want to understand about Vietnam culture, this will be an excited experience. And among tours…
Cow racing festival is the traditional festival of Khme people to pay their respect to their ancestors, taken place in late eighth and eary nineth lunar month every year in Nui Bay, An Giang. =>Impressive Cow Racing of the Khmer in An Giang Cow racing festival is the festival of Khme people in An Giang…
Being one of four immortal gods in the Vietnamese pantheon, the festival annually takes place from the 10th to the 12th day of the second lunar month at two temples, Da Hoa and Da Trach, in Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province. Travelling from Ha Noi, tourists in Vietnam tourism can travel downstream on the…
Hue Festival 2012 will coincide with the National Tourism Year for the north central coastal region, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced at a press briefing in Hanoi on November 23. The opening ceremony of Hue Festival will be held on April 7, 2012, showcasing distinctive music and dance programs, carnivals, religious rituals,…
 Every year, thousands of people, visitors and Buddhist monks and nuns attended Quan Yin Cultural Festival in Da Nang city.  Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara/ Quan Yin) Cultural Festival is organized on the 19th day of the second month (lunar calendar) every year with cultural activities which help restore and promote the traditional culture of Viet…
 The festival of Thach Khoan communal temple is the festival of Muong People in the mountainous district, Thanh Son, Phu Tho. Compared with communal temples in Thanh Son district, Phu Tho Province, Thach Khoan communal temple is the most beautiful temple, keep relatively intact  ancient architecture.  It is built on a small hill next to the wide field…
 That's an unique festival in suburban area of Ha Noi. An Duong Vuong Temple is located in Co Loa village, Đong Anh district, Hanoi. It is on the way to Phuc Yên and about 17 km from the center of Hanoi. It associated with the story of An Duong Vuong, Au Lac and last State…
Every year, thousands of locals and tourists gather in a paddy field in, Tinh Bien district An Giang Province to watch bull race. The event was organized during the Dolta Traditional Tet. It is a unique sport competition reflecting the traditional culture of the Khmer community in An Giang province in southwestern Vietnam. This festival takes place…
 Unlike other festivals, wrestling is the main sport among other activities of the festival. Lieu Doi Village is located in Liem The Commune, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam Province. This village festival occurs annually on the 5th day of the 10th lunar month. There remain a lot of legends of the origin of the festival as…


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