Like other villages in Phu Yen, the people in Hoa Da hamlet, An My commune (Tuy An district) mainly live on the rice plants, and also from this abundant material resource, ricepaper-making has long appeared here and become their traditional occupation passed through many generations up to now. Hoa Da rice paper has long been famous for the…
With the material resource of banana fibres and rattans available in the local area, through the hands of skillful workmen in the occupation villages of Vinh Phu, Phu An, An Nien, Dong Phuoc (Hoa An commune, Phu Hoa district) and My Thanh, Dong Loc (Hoa Thang commune, Phu Hoa district) With the material resource of banana fibres and…
It is not as busy as other traditional craft villages in Hong River delta region. The endurance and quietness have made Do Xuyen become a traditional craft village with unique products. Nobody know when the village's bamboo weaving occupation begins but it has been helped Do Xuyen people survive for many flooding seasons and become an important supplementary…
Phu Tho is land of palm trees so the development of conical hat occupation is inevitable. However, for many last years, the hat production of the province has been in small-scale. Unlike conical hats of Chuong village in Ha Tay province or Hue�s city lata-nia leaf hats, Phu Tho conical hats characterize by simplicity, harmonious lines, durableness and…
Have you ever stopped in a small shops in roadside to sip a cup of tea in freezing winter? To keep warm for the cup of tea, the seller use a handicraft product of Viet Nam countryside. It is U Am - traditional teapot warm keeper. Someone said that it is the product of nostalgic people. In modern…
Doan Ket Hamlet of Hung Lo commune, Phu Ninh district has been well-known for processing Mien (glass noodle), My (rice noodle), bun (rice vermicelli) and rice paper sheets for hundreds of years. The hamlet's products haven't been yet given trade name but they have won customers' trust with quality. For years, the craft village has been existing humbly…
Talking to carpentry, people first think about Dong Ky village in Bac Ninh province or La Xuyen Village of Nam Dinh province. The economic value of these craft villages reaches to billions of Dong. But many small-scale carpentry villages have been existed to make life more beautiful. Minh Duc Carpentry Village in Thanh Uyen commune of Tam Nong…
From a distant view, Tang Tien village is looming under bamboo hedges, mixing into green fields flooded with sunlight. The old village lane takes you to houses with mossy tiles and to famous master craftspeople on the Cau riverside. Indigenous to the countryside of the Northern Delta area, two kinds of bamboo called Giang (ampelocalamus patellaris) and Nua…
For the skin of the Baranung, which is played by hand, they would use the skin of a male goat with horns 3 to 5 cm long or a female goat that had given birth seven times. The Cham residing in and around Phan Rang, a coastal town in south-central Vietnam, still preserve seventy-two drum songs used in…
Kites are considered as the symbol of peace and desire of freedom. In celebrating Thang Long – Hanoi 1000th Anniversary, a kite fête at Hue Festival 2010 will be held with various displaying activities like kites installation art, procession of kites or being incorporated in the traditional long dress show at the two ancient capitals - Hue and Hanoi and…
Although the village of Tay Tuu was one of the last to switch from traditional farming to cultivating flowers, following the lead of villages like Ngoc Ha and Quang Ba, it has blossomed into being considered the flower granary of Hanoi. Tay Tuu has become famous for its large variety of beautiful flowers that not o­nly grace local…
Dong Xam Silver Village is located in Hong Thai Commune, the north of Kien Xuong District, Thai Binh Province. From 1681 up to now, the silvercraft skills in Dong Xam villages (Hong Thai district, Kien Xuong province) are still reserved as secret, inherited skills and like other traditional handicraft, the silvercraft of Dong Xam village has had to…
When the discussing Ninh Van Commune of Hoa Lu District, people from all over the country know their traditional handicraft. That is stone carving. It is an aesthetic and technical profession, making perfect fine-art products from rough stones by skilful craftsmen. Stone products include statues, animals and birds, stele, ornament tanks, large pocerlain vases, flower-basins, tables, chairs, beds,…
When winter comes, people can feel the extremely cold weather and chilly wind. Huddling up in a corner of a stand, enjoying a few sips of hot tea and crunchy peanut candies is a simple pleasure of many people. Dan Phuong village to the west of Hanoi centre is the main supplier of peanut candies for Hanoi market.…
Ninh Hai Commune in Hoa Lu District has been famous all over the country for its lace embroidery. It is said that this is the land of lace embroidery.   Legend has it that King Tran Thai Tong abdicated in favor of his son when he was 40 years old in 1258. He became the King’s father and…
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