Although it has not developed as many different craff villages yet but brocade weaving occupation had become the traditional village baring the deep cultural characteristics of Cotu ethnic. Brocade Weaving has a long life in Vietnam, is a cutltural characteristics of ethnic minorities as E De, M'Nong, Gia Rai, H'mong... The most excellent products belongs to Cotu ethnic.…
With more than 400 year-old history, Phuoc Kieu Bronze casting village (Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban district) is one of the oldest village of Quang Nam province. Phuoc Kieu is located on the national highway 1A, about 25km to the north of Da Nang, 40km to the south of Tam Ky city. Remarkably, the village lies between two…
Coming to Doi Tam, visitors will see big drums placed in front of each house in the village and hear the sound of planers and saws from every house. Drum viet nam, Doi Tam village is very famous for its drum-making techniques. The village is located at the foot of Doi Mountain in Doi Son commune, Duy Tien…
Besides martial tradition, An Thai (Nhon Phuc - An Nhon) is also famous of a special noodle that is song than (song thằn) vermicelli. People call this noodle “song than” because they always make two noodle threads at the same time. Many people differently call it “song thần”. Song than vermicelli (made into separate 30cm-wide square pieces, dried)…
Tan Chau silk has its fame because of the softness, toughness, long-wearing and high absorbability of natural silk material. All clothes made from Tan Chau silk bring to people comfort, coolness in summer, warmness in winter. Tan Chau silk is deserved to be called “Queen” of silk. Not only for legends and remains, Tan Chau silk village in…
The more blazing the sunshine is, the purer the salt is and… the saltier the sweat dropping on the makers’ bony shoulders is. Phu Yen has three craft villages that have made salt for more than 300 years: Trung Trinh, Le Uyen, Tuyet Diem (Song Cau district). Previously, Tuyet Diem salt was called Cu Mong salt by the salt…
Dong Xam silver engraving village belongs to Hong Thai commune, Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province. It is famous for sophisticated and high-artistic-valued product. Dong Xam village situates in the east of Kien Xuong district, belongs to Hong Thai commune. The silver engraving career in Dong Xam appeared in XVII century that means it has existed for about…
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