Vong village - a famous trade village in Hanoi

Come to Hanoi, who do not remember a famous appetite present that tender rice . The first gift has just recently that gracious called "Cốm of Vong village”

Belong Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay district, center of Hanoi about 8km to the northwest
Vong Village includes the villages: Vong Tien,Vong Hau,Vong So,Vong Trung but only two villages: Vong Hau and Vong So make delicious Cốm. 

Come to Hanoi, who do not remember a famous appetite present that tender rice . The first gift has just recently that gracious called "Cốm of Vong village” 

The early autumn, walking in the area we see sweet growing rice break season alternating with grass smell, smell of home. Village people go round and break the rice for 24 hours to hand in the processing of the paddy seeds to Cốm.Making Com is not simple. Method of communication is always confidential: only the parents transmitted to the son, not to most people for the daughter because when you go get her husband's daughter will bring method to cook the other. 

Talk about how make Cốm, of course many areas of the country that must recognize that no where do seeds cốm flexible and delicious in the Vong villages. People of Vong village who cook very elaborately. Type rice snow rise seeds that type make Com.There are many types: sticky fat varieties, Japanese sticky, flowers yellow sticky, sticky stations first, then ... Rice's daughter and then exposed to color. Then wait to ensure the rice grains (but is certainly green, not red, yellow) on the cut. Rice cutting on absolute or may not be beating, but pluck to golden paddy seeds leave. People that: secrets of the time with cốm take in the island said. All skill plus experience helped traditional village for cốm Vong very flexible, always have a fire, especially wood heater must be first special wood not used to wood or wood straw spots. The consequent need to lastly mirror light, thoroughly; pestle is not too heavy, which is all hands must not be delayed because cốm calming

Making ComMaking cốm

After completed, it will take to improve in the light most seeds cốm (cốm is the first fork). While the second cốm cốm is often all but three is not to complete the food is right, need to go through a stage is a more. 

They get the rise seeding grind , socialize with water make a product green color and leaves them to cốm true for all hands. Once they finished, com is in a very thin piece of the banana leaves or lotus leaves and then assigned to bins load going to sell. Blue natural cốm plus artificial blue as a blue village for cốm Loop. Com village with a very thin, and the number of hands is appeased for the flavor of the rice.

Making ComMaking cốm

Making cốm industry is very hard, a late, two early. The girls soon every Vong village the full Com load for sale. Com Vong cosset be sold from the hands pair of her village by village women as the salty, aromatic flavor com. 

To enjoy the full flavor of cốm we must eat com, not include anythings. And not cốm have long been a popular food can not be lacking. In addition to eat, people still processing cốm many other dishes. First cốm itself. Cốm because a food may not be long to think of how compressed cốm, not to cốm landmark but still flexible and delicious.


After this, people do the pie, grilled job media has thought out and a cốm grilled (pig grilled with cốm) eat dust, fat and fragrant. It is said that father cốm time to eat hot new enjoy the taste of it.

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