“…a world where the colors are more vivid, where the landscapes are bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is more compelling, where the tastes are more divine, where life is lived in the fast lane.”, said Lonely Planet, one of the most famous tourism digital news  in the world, about Vietnam. Truly so, having thousands of attractions including culture, nature and adventure, nightlife, national parks, villages, heritages along the S-shaped land, Vietnam is an extremely charming destination for tourists worldwide.

The ideal time to visit Lai Chau is from September to April. Lai Chau lies on high mountainous region in the North West of Vietnam, northern of Da River. There are sloping mountains, hill, valley, plateau, spring alternately. Falls and waterfalls with high flow are potential of hydroelectricity in Lai Chau. Some attractions in Lai Chau include Tam…
Located on the Mekong Delta, Long An is more than 50km from Ho Chi Minh city, the largest city of Viet Nam. Long An is divided into smaller areas by a complex network of rives and canals. Silt from Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rives has raised the level of the field of Long…
Tra Vinh Province belongs to Mekong River Delta in the South of Vietnam, and having a long coastline of 65km with East Sea on the East. Tra Vinh province is divided into coastal plain, alluvial deposits, mounds and sand caves, and complex network of rivers and canals. Due to ly in tropical monsoon region, the weather…
The Sedang (Xo Dang) live in Kon Tum province, Tra My and Phuoc Son district of Quang Nam province, and Son Tay district of Quang Ngai province. The largest population of Sedang is around the Ngoc Linh Mountain. They live in stilt houses. Proper name: Xo Dang (Hdang, Xdang, Hdra), Mnam, Ca Dong, Ha Lang (Xlang),…
The Sandiu mainly live in the midlands in the northern region, from the left-bank of the Red River to the east. Their villages are similar to Viet villages, often surrounded by bamboo rows and fences between houses. They live in cottages with earthen or plank walls. Proper name: San Deo Nhin (or Son Dao Nhan)…
Anyone who listens to the sound of a musical instrument, it is the T'rung agrees that they feel pleased and impressive when listening it. The sound of T'rung is said to resemble that of the running or falling water from the streams and waterfalls in the Highlands - the sound of the Bahnar highlands, the…
Located at Truong Son-Tay Nguyen, the mountain villages of the Bru - Van Kieu are steep, crooked, squeezed as great tapesties of Truong Son jungle. For hundreds years, the people here have created a good deal of myths that have been handed on through successive generations. This land is an invitation for adventurers, who want…
Have you known about a custom the women often sit when they deliver yet? Funeral custom, the dead are fired four rifle shots before the funeral?...Those are unique, special customs only the Bo Y have. Knowing about the Bo Y Ethnic Group, you will have interest experiences about Vietnamese culture. Proper name: Bo YOther names:…
The Cham people live long time on land ranges in Central Vietnam. From local sources, the reform of the external factors, the Cham had created a diversified and orginal culture. Architectural heritage temples, massive sculptures and tradition dances of the Cham are large cultural values having great contribution for Vietnamese culture. Other name: Cham, Chiem,…
Xiem Can Pagoda is situated 7 kilometers to the south of Bac Lieu town, on the same road that leads to the Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary. This most beautiful pagoda is also considered the largest in the region. The pagoda was constructed in 19th century with a very special architecture style. Tourists in Vietnam travel can see the similarities between the…
To meet the increasing need of people who want to visit Vietnam, many travel agencies have been emerging. Among them, Smile Travel Vietnam is known as one of the top sites for international tourists. At the moment, the company is launching many special programs, which offers tourists with discounted tours and high quality services. Noticeably,…
After ten years of leading the Lam Son uprising to fight against the Northern invaders, Le Loi won and became a king in 1428 with the official name of Le Thai To. He set up the capital in Dong Kinh (Thang Long – present-day Hanoi). Simultaneously, he ordered an imperial city built in his birthplace…
Bac Lieu borders Hau Giang and Kien Giang Provinces . It was once a locality with a rich tradition of artistic performance and was one of the cradles of “Don ca tai tu”, a folk performing form used in festivals, wedding ceremony or simply during moon-lit nights in the villages and hamlets. Bac Lieu people are…
Located in Moc Chau Plateau (Moc Chau District, Son La Province), Ang Village has fresh and cool air, charming scenery and also preserves special culture treasures of Thai ethnic group. Near to the village is natural lake with the area of 5ha surrounding by green pine forests. In the distance, there are verdant tea hills, grass fields;…
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