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In Vietnam, tea is appeared in almost every social activities such as wedding, anniversary and ritual ceremonies.  In the early morning, tasting a cup of hot teaf ter breakfast it's awesome, some iced tea at “quán cóc” - the roadside-make-shift shop while waiting for your friend, or a whole day chilling out in a teahouse; that is the…
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Unlike its more sophisticated brethren in France, Northern California or South Africa, Vang Dalat ( Dalat red wine) uses table grapes from nearby Phan Rang - a Vietnam's main grape-growing region. According to Nguyen Van Viet who has been with his wine company since 1999 explains that Vietnam has a limited history with wine. The French introduced an elite…
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Bia hoi bars will give you the opportunity to relax drinking in a typical Vietnamese bar surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially in summer, lots of Vietnamese men like sitting in Beer bars with their friends after a long working day. Every traveler can easily find these bars to experience what…
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For many years, Bánh Cuốn (Vietnamese steamed rice rolls) has never stop to demonstrate its long-lasting perfect comfort food to food lovers. For those are familiar with Bánh Cuốn, it become favourite breakfast food. For those have not yet ever try the dish, once taste it, you soon fall in love with its flavor. How to…
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Con Hen is served with a little rice and a lot of vegetables, herbs and fruit, add clams in the center, top with fried pork fat, roasted peanut, fried shallots, or you can drizzle on some fermented shrimp sauce and clam broth. It requires fifteen different raw materials to prepare for the dish, including mussel,…
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 “Mắm tôm” or Shrimp paste is popular in many parts of Asia including Vietnam. As a matter of fact, it has long been in the list of “worst smelling foods in the world”. I know what some of you may react to this dish: “Ewww”, but come o­n. o­ne of the reasons why you travel is…
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The Miến Lươn is simple with vermicelli and crispy eel, broth and some fragrant herbs. Having the dish, we feel the eel meat is crispy and melting in the mouth. with the fragrance of herbs in the broth bowl. The hot bowl of Miến Lươn is suitable with the rainy days. However, the eel meat…
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If you visit Dinh Bang Village in Bac Ninh Province, probably you should not miss a specialty: phu thê (husband and wife) cake, a traditional cake made from local materials representing marital fidelity, originating from the time of the Ly dynasty. The skin of the cake is made by grinding and filtering large-sized grain glutinous…
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