Only 100 km from Hanoi, Ba Khan is a new destination in Hoa Binh province.This site is also suitable for sightseeings,excursions or picnics in the summer days.
An autumn morning, we visited Bidoup Nui Ba National Park in Da Lat City, one of the five largest national parks of Viet Nam. Established in 2004, the park has its name combined from Bidoup Mountain, the highest mountain on Lam Vien Plateau, and Ba Mountain, the highest one in Da Lat City. Early in the morning, a car of the park was…
THE BEAUTY OF PHONG NHA CAVES CAN ONLY BE REACHED BY AN EXACTING TREK OVER MOUNTAINS AND DOWN THROUGH VALLEYS, BUT THE REWARDS ARE WELL WORTH THE EFFORT My trip to Phong Nha in central Quang Binh province took place about a year after I moved to Hanoi. I was living with four housemates, one of whom worked in the…
THE STORY BEHIND “THE ROAD OF HAPPINESS” WHICH ZIGZAGS THROUGH THE HIGH MOUNTAINS OF THE NORTHERN PROVINCE OF HA GIANG, IS AN EPIC TALE OF SACRIFICE AND HUMAN SPIRIT One of the most popular destinations for travelers over recent years has been Ha Giang, for its magnificent beauty of terraced fields, forests, mountains, and Dong Van’s stunning karst plateau, with…
PHAN RANG BOASTS MANY HEADS OF SHEEP BUT THEY’RE NOT THE ONLY ATTRACTION IN THIS SUNBURNT LAND. One day, when I was surfing on Facebook, I came across some images of thousands of sheep grazing on grass in a gaint open field. The caption said it was in Vietnam, which made me wonder whether there we actually had this many…
Blankets of cloud and midst covering mountain ranges and beautiful valleys in winter entice both domestic and foreign travelers to the northwestern region of Vietnam. The region is also attractive to those whose have adventured the mountainous region once or several times as it always offers something new and exotic to experience in different seasons of the year. From Hanoi,…
Sung La village, located on Dong Van plateau in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, became a popular tourist destination after it was featured in the 2006 film Chuyen Cua Pao (Pao's Story). Chuyen Cua Pao, which won a Golden Kite award in 2005 and was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2007, depicts the life…
The south-central region of the country is known for many magnificent winding passes that have captured the strong interest of photographers and tourists. Discovering magnificent and risky passes of the South Central Coast will give us unforgettable experience with mixed emotions as well as strengthen our love for nature. Following are a few prominent passes that are worth visits. Vinh…
As autumn arrives, adventurous amateur photographers are packing up their cameras and heading to the picturesque northern mountainous regions of Viet Nam to capture the beauty of the season. For three years, Nguyen Trung Dung has never missed an opportunity to admire the terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai Province) and Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang Province) during…
Binh Dinh is the land of full sunshine, wind and the briny taste of sea; and it makes a strong impression on tourists even for hard-to-pleasure people by many charming and fascinating landscapes. One of the attractive destinations that visitors shouldn’t miss coming here is Ham Ho. At the distance of more than 50 kilometers Northwest of Quy Nhon city,…
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