List of cities in Vietnam

Square: 1479,1 km2Population: 1026,5 thousands people (2010)City: Vinh Long CityDistricts: Long Ho, Mang Thit, Binh Minh, Tam Binh, Tra On, Vung Liem, Binh Tan. OVERVIEW Coming to there, visitors have chance to walk among the trees, relax in hammocks, try all kinds of delicious tropical fruits in the gardens of An Binh and Binh Hoa Phuoc islands. Several popular…
Square: 1,650.8  km2.Population: 1,830,000 people (2010)City: Nam Dinh City.Districts: Vu Ban, My Loc, Y Yen, Nam Truc, Truc Ninh, Xuan Truong, Giao Thuy, Nghia Hung, Hai Hau. OVERVIEW Nam Dinh, lying in the southern Hong River delta, is bordered by Ha Nam to the North, the Gulf of Tonkin in the South-East, by Thai Binh to the East…
Square: 16,498.5 km2.Population: 2,917,400 people (2010)City: Vinh CityDistricts: Dien Chau, Quynh Luu, Yen Thanh, Do Luong, Nghi Loc, Hung Nguyen, Nam Dan, Thanh Chuong, Tan Ky, Anh Son, Con Cuong, Nghia Dan, Quy Hop, Quy Chau, Que Phong, Tuong Duong, Ky Son.
Square: 1,392.4  km2.Population: 900,600 (2010)City: Ninh Binh CityDistricts: Nho Quan, Gia Vien, Hoa Lu, Yen Mo, Yen Khanh, Kim Son. OVERVIEW Situated on the Red River Delta, Ninh Binh separates the North and the Central Vietnam by Tam Diep Mountain Range. It is surrounded by Hoa Binh, Ha Nam provinces on the north, Nam Dinh Province on the east and Thanh…
Square: 3,363.1 km2.Population: 570,100 people (2010)City: Phan Rang - Thap Cham CityDistricts: Ninh Hai, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Son, Bac Ai, Thuan Bac. OVERVIEW Ninh Thuan province is lying in the middle of Central Viet Nam, has a small plain created by the Dinh River originating from Lam Vien Plateau. The province is famous for white-sand beaches, vast gardens of table…
Square: 3,528.4 km2.Population: 1322,100 people (2009)City: Viet Tri City.Districts: Ha Hoa, Thanh Ba, Doan Hung, Lam Thao, Thanh Son, Yen Lap, Tam Nong, Thanh Thuy, Phu Ninh, Cam Khe, Tan Son. OVERVIEW Phú Thọ Province is a province in northeastern Vietnam. The province's name derives from and its capital is Viet Tri City, which is 80 kilometres (50…
Square: 5,060.6 km2.Population: 868,500 people (2010)City: Tuy Hoa City.Districts: Dong Xuan, Song Cau, Tuy An, Son Hoa, Tay Hoa, Dong Hoa, Song Hinh, Phu Hoa. OVERVIEW Phu Yen is naturally endowed with a nearly 200km coastline and a great many gulfs, lagoons, beaches and islets. The province also has rivers, mountains, lakes, hot spa areas and valuable…
Square: 8065,3 km2 Population: 849,3 thousands people (2010) City: Dong Hoi City Districts: Tuyen Hoa, Minh Hoa, Quang Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Ninh, Le Thuy. OVERVIEW: This province is home to the World Heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The province is also home to several famous Vietnamese persons, including general Vo Nguyen Giap, the family of former South Vietnamese…
Square: 10438,4 km2 Population: 1425,1 thousands people (2010) City: Hoi An City, Tam Ky City Districts: Dai Loc, Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen, Nam Giang, Thang Binh, Que Son, Hiep Duc, Tien Phuoc, Phuoc Son, Nui Thanh, Bac Tra My, Nam Tra My, Tay Giang, Dong Giang, Phu Ninh. OVERVIEW: Experiencing the ups and downs over the years, Quang Nam still…
Square: 5,152.7 km2.Population: 1218,6 thousands people (2010)City: Quang Ngai City.Districts: Ly Son, Binh Son, Tra Bong, Son Tinh, Son Tay, Son Ha, Tu Nghia, Nghia Hanh, Minh Long, Mo Duc, Duc Pho, Ba To, Tay Tra. OVERVIEW Quang Ngai is located in Central Vietnam, at an almost equal distance from the two ends of the country. Like other provinces…
Square: 6099,0 km2Population: 1159,5 thousands people (2010)City: Halong City, Mong Cai City, Uong Bi CityDistricts: Ba Che, Binh Lieu, Hai Ha, Dam Ha, Tien Yen, Van Don, Hoanh Bo, Dong Trieu, Co To, Yen Hung. OVERVIEW Located in the North-East of the country Quang Ninh Province has an area of more than 5 900 and a population of 1.000000. It…
Square: 4747,0 km2.Population: 600,5 thousands people (2010)City: Dong Ha City.Districts: Vinh Linh, Gio Linh, Cam Lo, Trieu Phong, Hai Lang, Huong Hoa, Da Krong, Con Co. OVERVIEW Located on North - Central Vietnam, Quang Tri is surrounded by Quang Binh Province on the north, Thua Thien-Hue Province on the south, Savanakhet (Laos)on the west, East Sea on the east with 75km seaside. Topography…
Square: 3.311,8 km2Population: 1300,8 thousands people (2010)City: Soc Trang CityDistricts: Ke Sach, My Tu, My Xuyen, Thanh Tri, Long Phu, Vinh Chau, Cu Lao Dung, Nga Nam. OVERVIEW Soc Trang Province of Vietnam is located deep in the Mekong Delta. Soc Trang is bordered to the north and north-east by the Hau River (lower Mekong River) and Tra Vinh Province,…
Square: 14174,4 km2.Population: 1092,7 thousands people (2010)City: Son La City.Districts: Quynh Nhai, Muong La, Thuan Chau, Phu Yen, Bac Yen, Mai Son, Song Ma, Yen Chau, Moc Chau, Sop Cop. OVERVIEW Located 320km northwest of Hanoi, Son La town is often used as a half-way overnight stop on the way to Dien Bien Phu. There is not much to remark the…
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