Cau Ngu Festival in Vietnam

 Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam, which is also called Whale festival, is the biggest festival of the fishermen in Da Nang Province in Vietnam.

 Objects of worship: Truong Thieu (Quy Cong - the founder of the practice of fishing)

Time: The 12th day of the first lunar month.
Destination: Thai Duong Ha, Thuan An Town, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province.
Characteristics: Performances of catching fish and selling fish - fish worship ritual.

They worship the Whale not only because it is their respect for the Gods but also for the prosperity of the whole village. "Mr." is the honourable name that fishermen in Vietnam call the whale because they usually save the fishermen from the accidents in their fishing trips. Every time the whales drift on the shore (fishermen called them "ong luy"). The person who first finds out him will be the chairman and in charge of the funeral of this whale. Every year, after Tet holiday, the fishermen organize Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam to wish for their safety and luck in the new fishing season. Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam is organised in Man That, Tho Quang, Thanh Loc Dan, Xuan Ha, Hoa Hiep villages in Da Nang Province in Vietnam.   

Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam is taken place in 2 days in the middle of the March (Lunar Calendar). The first day of Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam is a less important ceremony. The second day is the most important in Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam.  During Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam, the altar is decorated with colourful flags and other accessories for Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam. All family put the offerings on the altars. Fishmen decorate their boats with flowers and lanterns in Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam. The village chooses the group including the old, good men whose families do not have funeral to pray to heaven, god of the sea in Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam. The chairman gives offerings (the offerings must not be sea products) and read the oration to show the gratitude for the spirit of the whale and to pray for safe fishing journey, prosperous and peaceful life. 


Each village has its own way of organizing Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam. However, Cau Ngu festival in Vietnam includes the traditional games like swimming competition, football matches etc.

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