Kate Festival Vietnam On Phan Ri (Binh Thuan) see Kate festival Mbang

November is quite a month of festivities for the Vietnamese people and the Kate Festival, Vietnam is one of the major festivals in Vietnam that is held during this time. In fact, the Kate Festival is the biggest of the festivals in the Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces of south Vietnam.

 Objects of worship: Gods: Po Klong Garai, Po Rome.
Time: From the 1st day of the seventh month according to Cham calendar (equivalent to 25 September to 5 October by solar calendar).
Destination: Po Nagar Tower Temple (Huu Duc Hamlet), Po Klong Garai Tower (Do Vinh Ward, Cham Tower), Po Rome Tower (Hau Sanh Hamlet).
Characteristics: Ritual of the Cham people.

Kate Festival, Vietnam is observed by the Cham ethnic group, who mainly reside in the An Phuoc district of Ninh Thuan and more specifically, the rituals of the Kate Festival take place at Poklong Garai Tower, the Po Rome Tower and the Po Nagar Tower. This very soulful festival is held on the first ten days of the seventh month of the Cham Calendar, which is roughly September or October and extending up to the early days of November, according to the Gregorian calendar.

The Kate Festival, Vietnam is a means for the Cham people to pay their respects to their national heroes. The Cham people also consider God, the maker of the universe as one of their idols and hence the Kate Festival is also an occasion to pay homage to the Supreme Being.

As part of the festival customs, the Cham people make visits to their near and dear ones and also to My Son, a place considered to be the holy land. They also bring valuable gifts and presents to the ancient Cham King. Amongst the other rituals of the Kate Festival, there is the Poh Bang (door opening) rite that is performed by a magician in the temple, to the solemn chants of a hymn.

The rituals apart, the Kate Festival, Vietnam is one of the most joyous of the Vietnam festivals & events. The festivities continue well into the night with people thronging the ceremony area to witness the traditional dance and music performances. For the visitors to Vietnam, Kate Festival and its performances, in the traditional costume of Poh Akharo and to the beat of the traditional Kapo and Raglay music, are chances to become acquainted with the indigenous tribal customs of the land.

The Kate Festival, Vietnam is an occasion for the Cham people from various parts of the country to mingle with each other, celebrate together in the hope that the deities would protect their future.

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